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To verify and confirm that our products are made and supplied to the specifications, laws and other contract specific requirements, we provide full documentation, traceability and tests of all our products. This standard includes among others a 3.1 certificate according to EN10204, packing lists, CMR and purchase specifications. 

Certificate according to EN10204

As per our customers demand we standard supply with a 3.1 certificate according to EN10204 which certifies the products of Tubes and Pipes, The certificate provides a comprehensive overview of the steel’s chemical and mechanical properties, as well as its testing and inspection results. Our certification process ensures that all of our steel products meet the highest industry standards and that they are fully traceable from the raw material to the finished product. The complete certificate program also includes 3.2 certification, with third party inspection. Read more about these tests that we have to offer for our customers on the page Quality Control and Tests. 

Full Traceability

With our traceability program our customers are always able to know exactly where each individual product is during the order process and it’s complete history. This is a major advantage whilst we have full traceability from the rolling until the final delivery at your place, our customer. This is assured by our booking history where we can see the complete process after the delivery. Tubes and Pipes loves that their customers feel secured and completely informed at all times. 

Purchase specifications

At Tubes and Pipes we like to be sure of everything what we do and the products we use and we understand that our customers would like it the same way. This is exactly why we offer purchase specifications to our customers. On a purchase specification we show what the characteristics are of the (different) tubes, think of; weight, length, diameters, length, quality norms, additional tests and (if needed) the safety requirements. 

Lloyds approved pipes: ISO 9001 Certificate

Lloyds approval is a globally recognized standard for marine and offshore applications.

At Tubes and Pipes we have pipes which have been certified by Lloyds Register (LRQA) for ISO 9001. By having a certification from LRQA demonstrates that our quality management system (QMS) follows a robust and globally recognized approach that’s focused on continually improving our processes and managing business risks to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders Our pipes meet this standard, ensuring their suitability for use in these demanding environments. Meanwhile, our ISO 9001 certification ensures that we maintain rigorous quality management practices to continuously improve our operations and products.

At our steel supply company, we are committed to providing high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable value. Contact us today to learn more about our products, certifications, and services.


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