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Tests and Quality Control


Tubes and Pipes offers a wide variety of tests to ensure that the quality of our products meet the specifications that have been asked for. 

At Tubes and Pipes we want to take away as many concerns as needed from our customers. By offering these many tests opportunities we are always able to ensure our customers of the quality of our products and therefore take away (if needed) any concerns. 

We believe in our products and the quality of it, so if needed we want to prove to our clients that we will always meet the specifications that had been set for the products in the enquiry. Would you like to know more about the tests services that we offer? Please contact our sales staff, they would love to answer all your questions and give you all the information you’ll need. 

Quality Control

As Tubes and Pipes, we want to offer our customers the best quality that is possible and appropriate to their needs. To assure the promised quality we have a periodic Quality Control policy at the mills of the factory’s we work with. To assure the quality of our stock we also have this periodic Quality Control policy at our warehouses. If needed, our customers can issue the Measuring Reports on demand.

Depending on the customers’ demands we can mark the material and add label references to the products. This ensures that all parties working with the product know exactly what type of product it is and for example know where it needs to go at the job’s site. Please find more information at the ‘Documentation’ page. 

Tests we offer

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